Withdrawal System

Application for withdrawal of a student from the school must be given one month before the effective date of withdrawal. Failure to give this mandatory notice will entail forfeiture of security deposit. Security is refundable within three months after the date of withdrawal of the student.

The following categories of the pupils may be required to be withdrawn from the school :

1. Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to

profit from the educational programme of the school.

2. Those who fail to complete 75% attendance as on the 1st of the month

proceeding the exams.

3.Those whose fees are in arrears.

4.Those whose behaviour and conduct in the opinion of the

Teacher/Principal is harmful to the interest of the school.

5.Those who fail in the same class and are below average.

6. School Leaving Certificates shall not be issued until all the dues are paid.

Duplicate copies of such certificates are not ordinarily issued. In special

cases, the certificate shall be issued after verification and on the payment

of Rs. 50/- as Duplicate Certificate Fee.

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