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October 4, 2018
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Inter House kabaddi Match For Boys on October 27

Playing a sport like kabaddi can change your child’s life

The significance of sports for children can’t be underestimated. Games like kabaddi are an awesome route for youngsters to learn fundamental life aptitudes that will serve them in later life, for example, collaboration and cooperation with their team.

“There are various advantages for youngsters who take part in sports such as kabaddi. Kids who tune in group activities will create and reinforce their social aptitudes while figuring out how to get friendly with their fellow team members,” says Sangeeta Vijayasimha, child specialist and parenting psychologist at ePsyClinic.com, Delhi.

She adds that kabaddi encourages frequent group activities. This helps children build competitive spirit in a healthy manner and come to comprehend essential ideas like thankfulness and admiration for others.

“Children learn to be aggressive, and the desire to win is common. As a feature of a group, youngsters can build up their problem solving ability, turn out to be more self-disciplined, and become critical thinkers, more patient and persistent. They will have chance to figure out how to adapt to dissatisfaction and become gracious winners,” says Vijayasimha.

Experts suggest that apart from sports like basketball, cricket, volleyball and football, games like kabaddi are extremely good for physical and psychological health. “Yes, kabaddi can be added in the list. This game can become a secret to your child’s good health, long life and happiness. This sport is quite well known in South Asian nations. While playing kabaddi, one has to hold their breath and dodge the opponent chanting “kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi” as they play. It is one of the best sport which teaches several aspects of physical strength,” says Vijayasimha.

Our expert list the following 7 practical benefits of playing kabaddi.

Stamina and speed: The game inherently requires its players to have powerhouse stamina and speed. In case they do not, kabaddi will help them increase their stamina by constantly running after an opponent. Thereby, increasing the player’s strength.
Stronger muscles: Children will experience a sudden strength in muscle power. That’s because of a higher amount of physical activity required in the game
Endurance: Kabaddi also requires its players to hold their breath and move with speed and accuracy. This increases their endurance level and breathing strength.
Running: The game requires its players to run after or away from their opponents. This game, therefore, increases the child’s ability to run faster.
Dodging: The game is a good exercise in learning to dodge. A player is required to enter the opponents area and dodge their efforts to capture him or her. This also in turn encourages game spirit.
Defensive skills: The game teaches its players to fight with the right spirit. It teaches them to defend themselves and their team members as well as fight for them.
Psychological strength: Kabaddi encourages players to taunt other players from opposing teams. Although this is a negative life-skill, it should never be underestimated for a game like kabaddi. Instead, children must take in their stride and consider it a positive critique.
Kabaddi makes your body stronger and healthier, gives a fighter instinct. The chanting of the name kabaddi helps your internal organs, your heart, your lungs to become more strong and healthy.

“In addition, remember that kabaddi is a traditional Indian game for kids, and is designed in a way that it could help in the development of kids’ social skills, along with their ability to think logically and build up strategy. It is one of the best sport children should learn since it requires stamina, mental and physical skills, quick reflexes and extraordinary hand, eye and leg coordination,”

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